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Our solution

The company is making losses at the station level
Real Time Monitoring – the technology we provide is well placed to provide lower power options to transport, distribute, analyse and store data from each station, pump and tank independently in real time.
Management does not have access to stations logs, hardware or activities in real time
Advancements in technology – including machine-to-machine communications between smart sensors, referred to as ‘The Internet of Things’. For example, dispensers that can be monitored and controlled wirelessly by management wherever they are.
Management needs a way of cutting costs to maximise profits
Our services and products contribute to the achievement of your business vision, aims and objectives. We help reduce costs in both the short term and long term with meaningful reports and AI assisted predicted forecasting.


DT Automated Systems Limited has a range of innovative services and technology that service the needs of the Oil and Gas sector by providing Terminal Automation Systems, Automation Compatible Dispensers, Self Service Solution, BRV tracking systems, Manufacturing of Fuel Sensors and Portable Petroleum Devices.

We use technologies that connect your various sites and stations for high availability and instant data transmission.

To keep your systems, your devices, and networks secure, we encrypt all data sent between your stations and the cloud, we also implement strong defences against various cyber attacks.

Aside automation in the case there is an emergency or a total breakdown of connectivity, we provide a manual override and with the help of our engineers will sync back to your primary databank when service is restored.

A world class Digital Automation and Management solution for Fuel / LPG stations.

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